Your Innkeepers

Carrying on a local lodging tradition, we have been greeting guests at Jack Daniels Motor Inn since 2002. Our journey to Peterborough began in California when we realized the high-tech lifestyle of the Silicon Valley differed from our desires for our young family. A search for lifestyle change eventually brought us back to New Hampshire, where we had lived briefly as a young couple while Eric pursued his MBA. In researching business opportunities, we were drawn once again to the rural beauty and recreational opportunities the state offers. In Peterborough we found the unique combination of these important factors with an amazing array of cultural offerings – that clinched our decision to purchase the inn and raise our kids here. Within days of finalizing the deal, we were downtown at the Children and the Arts Festival Giant Puppet Parade experiencing a late snow in May. What a magical beginning to our family business and life here in the Monadnock Region.

Since 2002, we have enjoyed all manner of outdoor recreation together as a family: hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, star-gazing. We’ve explored museums, historic sites, cemeteries, theater, music and more. We home schooled the kids for 8 years, taking advantage of our proximity to big cities like Boston and New York to expand our world even further. With the kids now active in the local schools and businesses, we have realized the desire to develop together as a family.

Yes, we’ve made some sacrifices along the way. Thanksgiving dinner is usually on a Saturday for us, and Christmas is celebrated on December 26. But that is part of what makes our family business what it is. Picture, if you will, entering a small family-run inn on Christmas Eve 2002 to find stockings hung along the desk in the glow of a small table top tree. A joyful sight only enhanced by the smiling faces, few new toys and remnants of wrapping paper on the floor when you come in for coffee the next morning. Now consider the approaching holidays with a young man outside working with his dad to hang a glorious display of tiny white lights. Christmas morning finds mom and her nearly grown kids cleaning side by side. This is the sort of opportunity to grow as a family the Inn has offered us.

Speaking of family, we include our small, but spectacular staff in that, too. We encourage our staff to explore Peterborough and the region like we have. Some of our staff has been with us for over ten years – and together we draw new staff in as part of our family team in no time. Together we have celebrated births, new houses, professional accomplishments; we’ve mourned; we’ve dined; we’ve laughed and cried. Our combined personal experience and welcome input from our guests produces the quality lodging experience you can expect at Jack Daniels Motor Inn.

When you join us at Jack Daniels Motor Inn, you become a part of this family

-Eric & Pam