Hiking at Casalis State Forest in Peterborough

A brown state park sign listing the regulations of Casalis State Forest with the parking lot behind it

Casalis State Forest is less than 10 minutes from the inn!

Springtime in New England always offers chance days of sunny days that aren’t too cold but aren’t quite hot. May perfectly captures those days (along with lots of much needed rain!) and we can’t help but enjoy it outside. This month we went for a hike over at Casalis State Forest here in Peterborough and can’t wait to share with you.

A small pond and wetlands span out from a trail with trees growing near the edge

This view greets you as you start your trek into the forest.

The trailhead is located right off route 123, about an 8 minute drive from the hotel, with a lot to park in. Dogs are welcome on leash. You can pick up the trail here and be treated to a lovely view of a pond and wetlands right off the bat. Yes, you might catch a fish and in addition to a variety of water fowl, keep an eye out for snapping turtles here – we’ve seen a large one in the past!

A green snapping turtle sits on the edge of the water

Pam spotted this snapping turtle!

After the pond continue right at the trail junction to  a brook flows through the property. The trail there is a great spot to walk alongside it and enjoy the sound of the water flowing.

A small brook flows through stacked rocks, creating a tiny falls.

One of the many views of the brook that we enjoyed during our visit.

A large tree had fallen right next to the trail, covered in mushrooms that we couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

A downed tree stretches in front of the image, with mushrooms sticking up from it

This downed tree and its mushrooms were so neat!

Walking along the brook gave us some really beautiful views. Thankfully we’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, so the stream was flowing! These spots especially were lovely.

A brook with a slight drop pouring water into a pool below

This mini falls had a small pool at the bottom of it!

The trail inclines after the brook, heading up against the hillside to loop back around to the other side. About a 3 mile trail, Casalis State Forest is a peaceful spot for a generally easy, family-friendly hike. AllTrails has a good map of the loop here.

A white metal water bottle with the Jack Daniels Inn logo sits on a stone in the forest

It’s important to hydrate while you hike – and we did so in style!

If you’re looking to enjoy a day in Peterborough hiking, head up to Casalis State Forest for a morning’s trek. Afterwards, you can stop by Rosalys’ Garden for some fresh organic veggies or berries on the way back to 101 or grab a bite downtown. If your Casalis adventure has you wanting to stay a bit longer, head over to the Jack Daniels Motor Inn and we can help!